Let Us  Record & Edit Your Event (Up to 5 hours)
One  HD Camera & One  Videographer / Digital Editing       Starting at  $600
Two HD Cameras & Two Videographers / Digital Editing     Starting at  $850
(Two cameras are best for capturing all angles of the event).
Includes Filming of:
o Pre-event preparations          
o Record Event Activities (5 hours) 
o Record Guest Speaking  
o One HD Camera Angle only (2nd HD Camera Optional)
o Fully Edit and Mastered on DVD
o Custom DVD Label and (2) Master DVD & Mp4 media file
o Photo Montage (optional)          
o Internet Highlights (optional)
"Only One" (Wedding Package): Starting at  $1,000
• Up to 5 hours video coverage.
• No Interviews with guest.
• We record Ceremony OR Wedding Reception ONLY. (Please Choose One)
• Photo Montage on the wedding DVD edited to music (pictures supplied by you) 
• Provide 2 DVDs and Mp4 media file
"Beautiful" (Wedding Package): Starting at $1,600
• Up to 8 hours video coverage including Ceremony and Wedding Reception ONLY.
• No Bridal Preparation and No Interviews with guest.
• Photo Montage on the wedding DVD edited to music (pictures supplied by you) 
• Provide 2 DVDs and Mp4 media file
"I Love It" (Wedding Package): Starting at $2,000 (Most Popular)
•Up to 10 hours video coverage including bride’s preparation, ceremony, and  
  wedding reception
• Interviews/ Comments with bride, groom and guests
• Chaptered DVD for easy viewing the wedding video and Mp4 media file for online.
• Include a recap of the entire wedding day's highlights
•Opening Photo Montage on the wedding DVD edited to music
  (pictures supplied by you)  - Provide 2 DVDs and Mp4 media file



A special event DOES NOT include weddings.  Weddings are a different production and require many more hours and man power.  A special event can include anything from a birthday party, family reunion, funeral, barmitzpah, theater play, commercial, seminar speech, book promo or anything that you want documented on video.  The event must be no more than 4 hours. 


You may download & view our contract below to begin recording your event.